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interpersonal relations assignment 3 - Demographics...

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Demographics 1 DEMOGRAPHICS Demographics: The Impact on Behavior Chuck Mooney Thomas College
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Demographics 2 DEMOGRAPHICS There are many different factors that can affect the individual behavior of people in the workplace. There are several demographic characteristics that dictate how one may act in social/professional settings; however, it is difficult to determine which demographic characteristic would have the biggest influence on one’s behavior. I believe that any demographic characteristic has the chance impact one’s behaviors in different (and equal) ways, but I think that the true impact that a characteristic is going to have on a person will depend greatly on individual upbringing. One factor that has much to do with the way a person behaves is age. It is common knowledge, that age and experience go hand-in-hand; and, as humans get older, they become wiser from all of their real-life experience. In fact, studies have shown that there is a correlation between one’s age and emotional stability. According to one study, “people aged 18 to 94 years revealed negative emotions seem to occur less as people get older (Robbins, Judge 270).” This study also revealed that moods that were highly positive tended to last much longer for older individuals, and bad moods tended to fade more quickly for those who were older. This study reveals that as we get older, we tend to become more emotionally stable and experience less negative emotion overall
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interpersonal relations assignment 3 - Demographics...

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