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operations case study 3 - Harvey Hall HARVEY HALL 1 The...

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Harvey Hall 1 HARVEY HALL The Addition to Harvey Hall: Working with a Budget Chuck Mooney Thomas College
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Harvey Hall 2 HARVEY HALL What are the minimum time and overall costs in which the addition to Harvey Hall can be occupied by faculty under normal times and costs? The minimum amount of time in which the addition to Harvey Hall can be completed would be thirty-six weeks. It will take four weeks to get the board of trustees to approve the project before anything can happen at all, then once board approval is secure the VP of finance can secure a building permit which will take another two weeks, and once the building permit is secure construction can begin and be finished in 21 weeks. Although it would take thirty days to recruit faculty, the recruitment of faculty is not at all dependent on the completion of the building, and the building can be finished before each office is occupied by a teacher. After the 21 weeks is over, the area can be landscaped in four weeks at the same time the interior is being completed (which will take six weeks), after that the furniture can be installed in one week at the same time a certificate of occupancy can be obtained, and then the final cleanup can begin which would take two weeks to complete. Under normal circumstances the cost to complete this project would be $2,080,000 although I think that the school might have hired the wrong crews in certain cases. Realistically, if there are enough people working it should not take a week to install furniture, not only that but I think that a final cleanup should not take two weeks either. I know the chart has crash times, but I would have to think that the
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operations case study 3 - Harvey Hall HARVEY HALL 1 The...

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