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Geology Midterm 1 short answer

Geology Midterm 1 short answer - Midterm 1 short answer 1...

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Midterm 1 : short answer 1. Using the “rule of 70”, a population growth rate of 2% would lead to a doubling of the world’s population in 35 years . 2. Since 1900, the world’s human population has been increasing at an annual rate between 0.5 and 2.5%. 3. The present Earth’s atmosphere is mostly made of nitrogen and oxygen . 4. The Earth’s lithosphere is broken into how many rigid plates? 14 5. Relative to the age of the Earth, the fraction of time that humans have existed is 0.04%. 6. The Wilson Cycle includes rifting-subduction-collision 7. Ocean island “tracks” such as that of Hawaii and the Emperor Seamount Chain: indicate plate motion opposite to the direction of “younging” of the volcanic islands and seamounts. 8. The asthenosphere is the principle cause of plate tectonics on Earth . 9. Rocks older than 4.0 billion years have not been found on Earth because the initial plates contained mostly basaltic crust which was recycled back into the mantle.
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