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Arthur Barlowe' Account - Arthur Barlowe's Account Arthur...

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Arthur Barlowe’s Account Arthur Barlowe was one of the leaders of an expedition sent out by Sir Walter Raleigh in 1584 to explore the eastern coast of North America for an appropriate location to establish an English colony. We can learn a lot from Barlowe’s account of the trip that he sent to Sir Raleigh. However, as with reading any historical document, we have to consider how reliable the information is. What does the writer tell us? What could be a possible motivation for portraying the information in a certain light? These are important questions we have to keep in mind while reading Barlowe’s account. What do we learn about the Indians from Barlowe? Is it reliable information? Or was there some sort of influence on Barlowe which may render his account undependable? In my opinion, Arthur Barlowe’s account of the expedition was unreliable, mainly because his account is too good. It seems as if it was meant for propaganda. Everything we learn about the Indians must be taken with a grain of salt. As we read Barlowe’s account, we see that the problems they run into a minimal. The Indians they meet are friendly caring people. The land is beautiful. The food is abundant. It is as if the place was the proverbial Canaan. Even before they reach land, Barlowe describes the water as smelling sweet. He says, “So strong a smell, as if we had bene in the midst of some delicate garden, abounding with all kind of odoriferous flowers.” As he reaches land, he says that “So full of grapes, as the very beating, and surge of the Sea
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Arthur Barlowe' Account - Arthur Barlowe's Account Arthur...

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