The 1585 Colony

The 1585 Colony - The 1585 Colony When the English were...

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The 1585 Colony When the English were preparing to leave Britain and come to America to establish a colony, they knew that they would need help. They were moving to a land that was foreign to them, a place where they have not had any experience with. They didn’t know what kind of food there is, the type of plants they could grow, what kind of animals, the weather, the land, the people, or anything else that would be necessary to survive. That’s what the English need the native for. The English needed the Indians for support in establishing a colony. They needed food, medicine, trading partners, allies, navigation and more. The Indians also gave the English the opportunity to spread their religion. One of the biggest worries for those who were contemplating about whether or not to go to America was what they would do if something went wrong. The Indians were a source of support in case they couldn’t make it on their own. One of their biggest worries would have been about food. They needed a steady source of food that was reliable. They knew absolutely nothing about the land, what kind of plants were safe to eat, what they could grow, where and what kind of game there are, and anything else related to their diet. Hariot listed several types of food, which were “knowne to yeelde for victual and sustenance of mans life, vsually fed vpon by the naturall inhabitants.” The Indians introduced them to “Pagatowr,” a mayze like grain, “Okindgier,” which is beans, “Wickonzowr,” which is peas, “Macocqwer,” which are like melons and gourds, and several other grains, herbs, and victuals. The Indians also demonstrated to the English how to sow the ground. “The ground they neuer fatten with mucke, dounge, or any other thing, neither plow nor digge it as we in England, but onely prepare it in sort as followeth.” “Then their setting or sowing is after this maner. First for their corne, beginning in
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The 1585 Colony - The 1585 Colony When the English were...

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