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Matthew Steiner Problems of Democracy Final Essay 5-9-08 Events of 1979 The year of 1979 was a monumental year in the 20 th century for United States foreign policy. Of foremost importance, President Jimmy Carter was dealing with the Iranian hostage crisis which cast a bad spotlight on all parties involved and showed the presidential and military weakness that the United States possibly did not want displayed in the world view in failed attempts to retrieve the hostages. Also, Three Mile Island occurred that year which showed the world the United States issues with nuclear power which increased our demand with foreign oil, rather than trying alternative energies since the scare caused by Three Mile Island. The United States was also exploring different projects such as the space program. NASA launched Voyageur I and made stunning discoveries about other planets such as Jupiter, and so forth. Also, the United States in 1979 formally recognizes the People’s Republic of China and opens trade. The United States makes big steps in foreign policy by making a big push with the United Nations to start a new fund called UNICEF, a show of the United States diplomacy worldwide. The United States had a big blunder in South America in 1979 with the Jonestown massacre
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CroweEssays - Matthew Steiner Problems of Democracy Final...

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