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Class, Thank you to John for catching this, but you will not need to produce a "One Page Ad" for next week. Instead, rather than and ad, it will essentially be an extremely bare bones business plan. The document should contain: 1. Your Names. 2. What your Product or Service Is 3. What Your Business Model Is (Who you sell to, who you sell through, what you own, what you outsource) 4. How you plan to do market research, and the critical information you will need to prove the idea to outsiders. 5. How you will make this business defensible, so no one can take the idea and beat you to it. For the sake of this assignment, you can't say "first mover." The catch: It can be no more than one page, and I want it in
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Unformatted text preview: no smaller than 20 point font. Fill up the page. Don't worry about naming the business or any details yet, just the most salient information about bringing the idea to market. Use bullet points if necessary. Circulate this among your business plan teams in case we are still having email difficulties. Let me know if you have any questions. Wake me up at three in the morning if necessary. Bonus: I think this is a great post (by the creator of gmail) that sums up a lot of how I think about startups: Scott-- Scott Norton...
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