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Is Hip Hop a Movement? Yes Hip Hop is a movement. What is cultural movement? A cultural movement What is The Temple of Hip Hop? The Temple of Hip Hop is a Hip Hop preservation society started by KRS-ONE. It’s purpose is “to assist in the building of Hip Hop as a legitimate community of prosperous and peace-filled people.” How does the Temple of Hip Hop promote Hip Hop as a unified movement? The Temple of Hip Hop promotes Hip Hop as a unified by holding summits, town hall meetings, and conferences to discuss issues involving the Hip Hop community. Why do I think Hip Hop is unified movement? I think that Hip Hop is a unified movement because it has grown past being just music. It has become a way of life, a political voice, and a civil rights advocate. Hip Hop is a unified movement because it is a way of life. How does Hip Hop as movement parallel Rock of the mid 20 th century as movement? Rock music today has many different variations or genres that are all still considered part
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Unformatted text preview: of the larger Rock music culture. This is much the same that Hip Hop has many different variations, such as East coast rap, West coast rap, gangsta rap, old school, new school, and many others that are all considered part of Hip Hop music as a whole. Hip Hop differs from rock music as a movement in the ways and impact that it has had on American culture as a whole. Rock music made it acceptable for kids to rebel and do things their parents thought to be wrong. Hip Hop is unified movement because it is not just about the music. It is also about politics, civil rights, and racism. Hip Hop as a whole has been a vessel for bringing change to the mass. So, it doesn’t matter if there is one style of Hip Hop music or a million styles. Hip Hop is about its acceptance by the masses and the message that it brings....
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