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1018urbanization - IDS Urban Primacy ISI Current Situation...

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IDS Urban Primacy ISI Current Situation Most Urbanized area in the developing world 74% of Latin America’s population urban 41 cities in Latin America have population of more than 1,000,000 Average size of Latin American city is 3.6 million Sao Paulo and Mexico City in top 10 of world’s largest cities Spanish Colonial Era - Government promoted urban development - Planned cities - Bult around government and church Early in Independence 0 Libe Urban investment -Ports build up -Urban areas became railroad hubs -Countryside neglected…no education, single cop agriculture Economy until 1930 Import/Export Agricultural Single-Crop economies Economies rose and fell with international market Great Depression - Luxury exports drop off (coffee, sugar) - Crops rot on wharves - Latin American countries abandon import/export WWII - International trade disrupted - Countries look inward - Develop war industries ISIImport Substitution INdustrializaiton State management of economy
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