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Overview of Management 1 Running header: Overview of Management Overview of Management Brandy Boler University of Phoenix
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Overview of Management 2 Kudler Fine Foods is a high class grocery store that provides gourmet foods to its surrounding areas. Founder, Kathy Kudler, opened her first store in 1998, and since then has gone on to open two chain stores to allow others to experience the fine foods and gourmet produce that Kudler Fine Food can offer. With Kudler’s expansion across the San Diego area, a large management team was built in order to handle the increased profits as well as keep up with the increased demand for Kudler’s products. Along with increase in sells the use of technology and Internet by Kudler’s management team has increased as well. Kudler Fine Foods has three managerial teams that are responsible for the making sure that Kudler’s continues to operate in an effective and efficient manner. It is without doubt that all three teams operate using the primary functions of management. “Whether at the managerial, individual, or team level, the management process involves planning and strategizing, organizing, leading and controlling, and decision making” (Balkin & Gomez-Mejia, p.5). The three teams include finance and accounting, store operations, and administration and HR. All three teams work together to ensure that Kudler continues to grow and profit. One of the primary functions of management is planning and strategizing. Planning and strategizing, “helps different parts of the organization set future objectives and map out activities necessary to achieve those objectives” (Balkin & Gomez-Mejia, p.5). Some of the people who are responsible for these functions would include the directors of each department. They would include Kathy Kudler, founder of the store, Harvey Stephens, director of finance and accounting, Yvonne Reynolds, director of store operations, and Brenda Wagner, director of administration and HR. Each director is
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B MBA 502 WK #1 - Overview of Management 1 Running header:...

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