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GODARD’S “BREATHLESS” VS. De SICA’S “BICYCLE THIEF” In this paper I am going to compare Jean-Luc Godard’s “Breathless” (an antirealist film) with Vittorio De Sica’s “Bicycle Thief” (a realist film). Although they are of different genres, they are both excellent films because their directors put a lot of effort into making them as great as possible. The themes, camera shots, acting and setting all affect the appeal of the films and help to connect the realist or antirealist aspects of the film. “The Bicycle Thief” takes place in Rome and is actually shot entirely in the city. The movie is set in the depressed post-WW II economy of Italy. The setting is important because it emphasizes the desperation that the characters surrounded by. This causes the audience to feel even more sympathetic to the characters. Settings such as the pawnshop, the church and the house of the thief allow the audience to see how the Italians lived their lives and to understand Antonio Ricci’s plight and be able to sympathize with him. De Saco even used local citizens to enhance the realistic effect . Godard’s innovative editing and visual style were revolutionary in its time as it broke the standard rules of filmmaking. He used jump and quick cuts, having the middle of two shots missing from the screen and creating a jolting effect. The film in some sense seems real because of the way he shot it. He, too, took advantage of the natural setting of a city. In this case it is Marseilles and Paris. The natural, spontaneity of the setting in Paris and the unstructured movement of the camera and editing techniques display Godard’s eye for detail. Even the acting in the movie contributes to the illusion of it as a
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