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melanieklein engl120

melanieklein engl120 - ENGL 120.00 Klein Project Melanie...

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ENGL 120.00 Melanie Klein Project Klein’s Background:• Klein was born in Vienna, Austria in 1882 into a Jewish family. (Weren’t raised to be religious) she was the Youngest of 4 children.• Klein’s Father studied in medical school before becoming a dentist.• Taught to read & write by sister Sidonie. Taught Latin by Brother Emmanuel.• Got engaged to husband Arthur Klein at 19. Gave birth to 3 children; Melitta (1904), Hans (1907) and Eric (youngest, date not found)• Despite enrolling at Vienna University, Melanie never received a medical degree. (followed her husband as he traveled for his engineer job)• Came into contact with Freud’s work in 1910. Subject became primary interest• Wrote “The development of a child” in 1919. Asked to join the Budapest Society Afterwards• After studying youngest child, Klein realized that children could not be studied in the same ways as adults• Wrote about her findings in “The Psychological Principals of Infant Analysis” in 1926, where she cites her ideas about object relations in children and her theory behind the “play technique”• Afterwards, Klein moved with her children to London, where she continued her studies until he death in 1960. Klein’s Argument/ Thesis: Klein’s main argument is the fact that the child’s mind is different from the mind of an adult and must be analyzed in a different method. She further adds to this argument by outlining her own form of analysis,
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