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intro101 essay - Two-page essay writing assignment...

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Two-page essay writing assignment READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY AND PROMPTLY! You must bring a draft of your essay to class on THURSDAY OCTOBER 11 th . The final version is due on THURSDAY OCTOBER 25 th . LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED ONLY IN EXTRAORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCES. YOU SHOULD SUBMIT TWO COPIES OF THE FINAL (but not the draft) VERSION OF YOUR ESSAY: ONE WITH YOUR NAME ON THE TOP LINE AND ANOTHER WHICH DOES NOT HAVE YOUR NAME ON IT (I WILL EXPLAIN THE REASON FOR THIS IN CLASS). THE ESSAY WILL COUNT FOR 15 PERCENT OF YOUR GRADE IN THE COURSE PREPARE YOUR ESSAY WELL IN ADVANCE, SO THAT YOU HAVE TIME TO THINK ABOUT IT AND EDIT IT. ANY STUDENT WHO DOES NOT SUBMIT AN ESSAY WILL RECEIVE A MAXIMUM GRADE IN THE COURSE OF D, ASSUMING SHE OR HE OBTAINS A's ON ALL THE EXAMINATIONS. Answer one of the questions below in a well written essay of two double-spaced pages of a standard twelve-point font . The pages must have one-inch margins . Do not use "draft" quality for your print-out. The print-out must be "high" quality-- dark and clear. You must proofread your work! Essays that are turned in late, handwritten, single-spaced, in very small type fonts, longer than two pages, or that do not otherwise meet the standards detailed in these instructions may not be accepted. Your full name and the number of the question you choose to answer should appear at the top of the first page. You should NOT write the instructor's name or the course name or number. Do NOT copy the question onto the sheets that you submit or paraphrase it in the first part of your essay. Do NOT place the sheets in
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This note was uploaded on 06/14/2008 for the course AN-C 101 taught by Professor Edelman during the Spring '07 term at CUNY Hunter.

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intro101 essay - Two-page essay writing assignment...

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