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Drexel University~LeBow College of Business 5/7/2009 BUSN101~ Fall 2006 Foundations of Business I Course Sequence Objectives: The BUSN101/102 course sequence is designed to provide an integrated foundation for future business courses as well as for personal and professional development. This course is a sequential four credit course meeting fall and winter terms. During the sequence the course will focus on the following objectives: An introduction to the main disciplines and functions of business Exposure to business information resources Preparation for selection of an academic concentration and career choice Technology use in the classroom The fostering of relationships with business professionals, alumni, faculty, administrators and peers Development of communication skills, decision making skills, critical thinking skills, leadership skills and teamwork Exposure to a global environment and related public policies Diversity in the workplace Ethics and social responsibility Self-assessment and personal growth The identification and recognition of the key characteristics, styles and behaviors of business leaders The identification and recognition of personal leadership characteristics, styles and behaviors Entrepreneurial activities The development of a plan for career leadership Textbook/ Software Business: A Changing World , Ferrell and Hirt, Fifth Edition, Irwin/McGraw-Hill with Mike’s Bikes Simulator registration code Reader for BUSN101/102  Irwin/McGraw-Hill, 2006/07 Leadership 101 , John Maxwell Bound Professional Journal Periodical The Wall Street Journal Booklet The Merrill Lynch Guide to Understanding Financial Reports , 2003, Merrill Lynch Source: http://philanthropy.ml.com/ipo/resources/understandingreports.html Websites www.mhhe.com/ferrell5e & www.wsj.com Grading: A written description of the assignments is on page 2 of the syllabus. The following chart allocates the points to each assignment. Due dates are noted on the section schedule on page 3. WSJ Article Review (2) 50 Financial Statement Case Study Part I 50 Financial Statement Case Study Part II 75 Mid-Term Examination I 125 Mid-Term Examination II 125 Leadership Reflective Papers (2) 100 Stock Market Project 100 Mike’s Bikes – Single Player 50 My LIFE Folio 25 WSJ Team Presentation 100 Professional Journal 75 Final Exam 125 Total Points 1000 Section Classes: The course meets in lecture on Monday, sections during the week (Tuesday – Thursday) and lab on Friday. An
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This note was uploaded on 06/14/2008 for the course BUSN 101 taught by Professor Finnin during the Spring '07 term at Drexel.

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BUSN101 syllabus - Drexel University~LeBow College of...

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