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Pre-planning Planning Post planning 1.Program initiation 1.Establish need for BCM, understand risks and vulnerabilities 1.Obtain organizations support 2.Risk Assessment 1.Identify risks/ threats and vulnerabilities that are inherent AND acquired 1.Assess the impact and likelihood of these events 1.Focus on the high prob high impact events, where controls are non existent or ineffective, which will lead to BCM additional controls to increase resiliency 3.Business impact analysis 1.Identify likely and potential impacts from events on organizaion or processes, criteria used to quantify and qualify the impacts 1.Think financial, customer, regulatory, or reputational impacts 1.Helps define RTO and RPO 1.Identify the time sensitive processes and requirements to recover them in acceptable fashion 4.Business continuity strategies 1.Data collected during BIA and RA used to ID continuity and recovery strategies for operations nd technology 1.Strategies must be approved and funded, must meet RTO/RPO 1.Use cost benefit analysis to align strategies 5.
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