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Dr. David Williams FIN404/504 Study Guide for Final Exam Spring 2008 The following are a few key topics that you should be familiar with for Chapters 26, 27 & 28 on the final exam Chapter 26 What are some of the firm’s sources and uses of cash. How to calculate and interpret the firm’s cash cycle and operating cycle. Basic issues surrounding the management of cash, inventory, receivables, accruals, and accounts payables. The difference between the ideal, flexible and restrictive financing policies of current assets. The purpose of a cash budget and how to calculate the cumulative finance surplus/deficit requirement. The difference between a secured and unsecured short-term loan, and some examples of each. How compensating balances work and how to calculate the nominal and effective cost, on an annual basis, of a loan that has a compensating balance requirement. Chapter 27
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final_exam_study_guide_spring_2008 - Dr. David Williams...

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