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Patricia Selenski April 1, 2007 Government 180 Professor Semler Proposition 13 Proposition 13 was created in 1978 by Howard Jarvis and Paul Gann, as an ammendemnet to the state constitution. It was originally called the "People's Initiative to Limit Property Taxation," or the "Jarvis-Gann Amendment". This was what some people considerd to be the begging of the major conservative and anti big government movement. People wanted to keep more of what they earned, but they also wanted to keep the same amount of services that the government was providing without spending the necessary cash. Proposition 13 was an initiative that was designed to limit property taxes. Prop 13 cut the amount of money that was collected from property taxes by around 57%. It also limited the amount of property tax to one percent of its assessed value and it only allowed for an increase of the assessed property value at a rate of two percent per year. The property taxes were originally collected by the counties and used as their main source of income to fund the state and federally mandated programs and services. As a result of prop 13, a large amount of funds were cut from the budgets of the counties, they did not have the funds
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necessary to run these programs. The counties in an effort to make up the difference had to cut many
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gov180paper#2final - Patricia Selenski April 1 2007...

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