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Patricia Selenski- Waugh History 17b Professor Lupo April 25, 2006 Stebner, Eleanor J. The Women of Hull House: A study in spirituality, vocation, and friendship. New York: State University of New York, 1997. Thesis statement : “While many themes could be studied in regard to the women of Hull House, spirituality, vocation, and friendship emerged as my primary foci. These themes emerged in differing degrees for the various Hull House women, reflecting not only different personalities and interests but also available research materials (2). The institution of Hull House, its location in the social world of the late nineteenth century and the emerging modernism of the twentieth century, and the lives of the people who were involved in it, are worth much more contemplation and interpretation than I alone can give in this project (8) (Stebner).” Summary: Hull house is a settlement house in Chicago, Illinois. It was founded by Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr in 1889 (just prior to the beginning of the Progressive Movement. The Progressive Movement was a movement where many great reforms took place in the US). Hull House became one of the most famous of the U.S. settlement houses. Hull House offered many
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programs and services to the members of the neighborhood that they served. These programs were the roots or beginnings of modern day Social Work. Some of the activities and services provided were: Clubs and Classes in art, music, literature, drama, and philosophy. Daycare was provided for the children of working mothers. Lectures, sports, and public facilities were also included at Hull House. Political activities and protests also took place at Hull House. The people (residents or neighbors) of Hull House also organized many social activities that helped to bind everyone together into a semi-unified community. Hull House provided low cost housing and
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hist17bbookreviewfinal - Patricia Selenski- Waugh History...

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