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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 15 Essays 1. An inborn error of metabolism is a term coined by Sir Archibald Garrod to name the relationship between inheritance and metabolic diseases. Garrod’s observations in the early 20 th century of disorders that tended to run in families lead him to hypothesize that the lack of a particular enzyme in a metabolic pathway could be the cause of an inherited defect. His hypothesis was the first to suggest that genes and proteins are linked. 2. George Beadle and Edward Tatum experimented on red bread mold fungus. This fungus usually reproduces using spores, but Beadle and Tatum used X-rays to cause mutations in asexually produced haploid spores. The spores normally could grow on a minimal medium, but once the X-rays were introduced they needed an enriched medium to be able to grow. They found that the strains of fungus that had mutations forced on, had only one defective gene that lead to only one defective enzyme and an additional growth requirement. These results lead the two to that lead to only one defective enzyme and an additional growth requirement....
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