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Physics Schedule For Week 3 Feb. 11-15, 2008 Monday Feb. 11 2008 Assignments: Continue Ch. 5 homework, now due Thursday:  #4, 8, 12, … 76.   ( Be sure to following the Given/Wanted Format for all word problems! )  (Hint for  #64:  Set up the position of the car as a function of time, and set up the position of the truck  as a function of time, then solve both equations simultaneously; Hint for #76:  Break the  problem into 3 intervals – falling, time of contact with the ground, and rising – and note  that the final velocity of one interval is the initial velocity of the next) Make corrections to all missed questions on the Ch. 2-4 Test.  These corrections are due to be 
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Unformatted text preview: checked-in in person before the next exam. Tuesday Feb. 12, 2008 • Warm-up • Continue Ch. 5 notes & working practice problems Assignments: • Continue Ch. 5 homework Wednesday Feb. 13, 2008 • Warm-up • Finish Ch. 5 notes & working practice problems Assignments: • Finish Ch. 5 homework Thursday Feb. 14, 2008 ♥ • Warm-up • Linear Motion Labs Assignments: • Lab reports • Study for tomorrow’s Ch. 5 Quiz • Next week’s schedule should be posted to the class website by this evening. Please print out a copy. Friday Feb. 15, 2008 • Warm-up/Lab Checks • Ch. 5 Quiz Assignments: • Read Ch. 6 • Begin Ch. 6 homework, due next Wednesday: #2-42 even...
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