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Bio 205L EXERCISE 4 ANALYSIS 1. See attached graph 2. See attached graph 3. See attached graph 4. lnOD = kt-lnODo y = 0.0207x – 2.6283 K = 0.0207 (1/min) 5. Doubling time = ln2/k = ln(2)/(0.0207) = 33.49 minutes 6. The lag time of the V. natriegens culture after inoculation into fresh culture medium was about twelve minutes. After adjusting to their new environment for about twelve minutes, they began growing exponentially. 7. Characteristics of cells that could be
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Unformatted text preview: identified by using non-stained culture Characteristics of cells that could be best identified by using stained culture Mitochondria Plasma membrane Nuclear membrane 8. Advantages of OD measurements Advantages of Direct Counts Faster Easier to calculate More simply; less workers needed Not much exposure to bacteria More accurate since cells are being directly counted Able to find the real density...
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