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Jackie Vereb 12/4/05 Health Care for All TA: Elissa Writing Assignment F Dear Editor, I support the U.S. changing our health care system to be more like Canada’s national health insurance program because of several reasons. Regardless of income, employment, or health, all Canadian citizens receive basic health care. Unlike Canada, the United States fails to insure more than 44 million people, despite what we pay in health care costs. When comparing both countries, the United States spends 14% of their GNP on health care expenses while Canada only spends 9%. One reason Canada’s system has been successful is because there is only one insurer, which is the government. This makes it easier for doctors because instead of sending a medical bill to any of the many insurance companies, they just send it to one place. Meanwhile, our system is an
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Unformatted text preview: employment-based insurance system, with targeted programs for those who are unemployed, elderly, and/or economically disadvantaged. Canada’s system is based on values of equity and efficiency (with very low administrative costs), while the health care system in the United States is based on the value of free enterprise. Physicians in both Canada and the United States are paid by method of fee-for-service, but there are more physicians in Canada who practice in groups. Even with the high percentages spent of health care costs, the cost for prescription drugs and medicine is very high in the United States. Canada, on the other hand, has some of the lowest prescription drugs in the world, even with the small percentage spent on health care costs....
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