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Test2_A - Name(last name Student Number Registered...

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Name: , (last name) (first name) Student Number: Registered Section (if not this section): Instructor: Prof. Kemeny York University Faculty of Pure and Applied Science Department of Computer Science COSC1520.03 Introduction to Computer Use I Section B – Test 2 Friday November 30 st , 2006 Instructions: 1. This is an in class examination, therefore examination rules are in effect 2. Fill in the box at the top of this page, and print your name at the top of all other pages. 3. Answer ALL questions, in the space provided. 4. Time allowed is 45 minutes. 5. Use of calculators is NOT allowed. 6. There are 7 pages with 5 parts (A to E). Please count the pages and questions. Question Value Mark A. 9 B. 12 C. 6 D. 12 E. 11 Total: 1
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Part A Circle the letter of the most correct answer. 1. Which of the following would contain data that is being manipulated by the CPU? 2. Pipelining increases processor speed by a. very little b. a factor of 2 to 3 c. exactly a factor of 3 d. more than a factor of 3 e. a factor of 3 if it is a RISC architecture or 6 if it is CISC 3. Use of a microprogram in a CISC architecture a. increases the complexity of circuits on the chip b. decreases the complexity of circuits on the chip c. creates an elaborate instruction set using a simpler set d. allows a computer program to be simpler by having parts of it pre-written e. b. and c.
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