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notes on spielberg

notes on spielberg - American actress Mia Farrow has...

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American actress Mia Farrow has strongly criticised director Steven Spielberg and four corporate sponsors for aiding China's staging of the Olympic Games in 2008. (edit) Spielberg once screened Lawrence of Arabia (1962) with the film's director, the English David Lean . There Spielberg received from Lean a, as he put it, live director's commentary. Learning from a true master is one of the best moments in Spielberg's life according to Steven himself. Spielberg said that the commentary helped him make better pictures and that the commentary influenced every film he has made since. (edit) English director David Lean originally wanted to direct Empire of the Sun (1987), but passed it onto Steven Spielberg, because of advancing years. (edit) In his movie Jurassic Park, he chose to have the sick triceratops instead of the sick stegosaurus, in Micheal Crichton's book, because he had an experience with one as a kid. (edit) Steven Spielberg joined the long list of celebrities lampooned by South Park. It happened in South Park
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