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311Midterm_II Sample - Name_ Student ID_ Section_ BUAD-311...

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Name______________________________ Student ID______________________________ Section_____________________________ BUAD-311 Operations Management Mid-term Exam II Fall 2007 Open Book, Open Notes, No Lap Tops State all your assumptions clearly Make sure that you have 6 pages (Including the cover page) Good Luck VERSION A 1
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Section A: Multiple Choices [4 pts each] 1. Which of the following is FALSE about forecasting? a) To predict new product sales, we may rely on expert opinions and market research b) Moving average and exponential smoothing can not capture underlying factors other than time c) Applying moving average to sales data in the same month across past years is a way to deal with seasonality d) For data with an increasing trend, moving average with large period generate better forecasts than the one with smaller period e) None of the above 2. Which of the following facts contributes the success of revenue management in airline industry? a) Flight capacity is limited and can’t be increased easily b) The market can be segmented c) Flight seats are perishable and can be sold in advanced d) Price can be adjusted to market e) All of above 3. Which forecasting method works better with the following data? 20
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311Midterm_II Sample - Name_ Student ID_ Section_ BUAD-311...

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