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Soham Gandhi BISC207-112L 10/11/2007 Experiment 4 – Extended Report The Scientific Method Introduction: According to most observations, an individual’s dominant hand would have a quicker reaction time than their non-dominant hand. The experiment involved using a ruler on an individual’s hand. In the conducted lab, it was hypothesized that those who used their dominant hands have quicker reaction times than those who used their non-dominant hands. Results: Using chi square values from the two different groups of data, it can be determined, once compared to a critical value, whether the data supports or rejects the hypothesis. After summing the chi squared values of each individual’s average time of reaction, the chi square values of each pair of data can be determined. This chi squared value is compared to a pre-determined critical point. According to the comparisons, if the total chi is less than the chart’s critical value, the null hypothesis is supported. The null hypothesis is that there is no correlation.
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