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Competito r Concept, and Cuisine Proximity Estimate d # of seats, covers, turn times Estimated check average (for two customers ) Strengths Weaknesses Opportunitie s Threats Five Twenty Seven (myself) Classic dishes with a twist and affordable pricing Main Street. 80 seats 260 covers 1 hour-1 ½ $20-$30 Good Prices Fast accurate service Very accommodating Open kitchen, can be a tad loud during dinner rush Cater to the more middle aged and older teens/college student crowd New Food New Concept Cheaper More Food Better Service Fusion French- Asian Cuisine Multiple Cuisines in one dish One block and on the other side of the street 60 seats 120 covers 1 ½ hours turn rate $70-$75 Homemade drinks are specialty
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Unformatted text preview: Fast service (well-trained) Too expensive for area There is mostly youth Offer more food for a cheaper price More upscale and fashionable setting Very popular with the teenage/young adult foodie crowd Maxs Red Rooster Grill American Cuisine to 1 mile 40 seats 80 covers 2 hours turn rate $60-$70 Soup samplers CIA graduate Very expensive for the area Hidden location More seats More upscale setting Loyal customers Blue Fish Grille Fast Seafood, to go Fresh Fast Food 2 to 3 miles 10 seats $25-$30 fast food with exceptional service Rude attitude and behavior Offer more options Caters to the older population...
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