CHECKLIST FOR WEB ONE - Email Want to use anchor links,...

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CHECKLIST FOR WEB ONE Unity, consistency, clarity: Everything about the site should lend itself to your sense of identity: text, image, color, etc. Format for web reading/scanning : Your goal is to capture your audience. Chunky paragrap hs Web-friendly font ; Suggestion: Verdana, 12 (#2) point for body text; 14 pt bold for page titles (#3); 12 bold for headings Good topic sentences ; one idea per paragraph Useful, clear headings (tip: More space above than below headings. Use Shift- Enter to create a “non-breaking” space) Bullets if appropriate Highlighted keywords Make sure your text doesn’t run up to the edge of tables/cells or images. Ask Important stuff goes at the top of web pages to encourage viewers to read on. It’s also “catchy” to have a small graphic near the top to catch the eye. Exploit hypertext’s possibilities by using links: Internal to your other pages External to other websites: NOTE: feel free to enhance your “About Me” page with links IF appropriate.
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Unformatted text preview: Email Want to use anchor links, too? Ask me! (OVER) Exploit hypertext’s possibilities by using images Save images in your “Images” folder so they will upload properly. Cite images unless you made them yourself. Rather than junking up your page, you can cite them at the bottom of each page, thusly: Picture Credits: Seashore (or whatever): http://www . Etc. Ninja (or whatever): http://www.etc . I will scan pictures for you – bring them in! Digital images must be optimized for the web – see me if you are using your own digital images. Make sure no images are more than 50 kb! MOST IMPORTANT: Since this is an English class, your text counts the most. It should be Interesting! Make sure you have used enough detail to keep visitors’ interest! Correct : An absolute must. Have your worked hard at editing, polishing, proofreading your text? Good. Now do it some more. Revealing : Does the reader learn something about who you are?...
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CHECKLIST FOR WEB ONE - Email Want to use anchor links,...

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