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Soham Gandhi Biology 112L Laboratory #9 “Photosynthesis” Introduction: The objectives of this lab were to gain a better understand how the uptake of CO2 differs in C3 plants and C4 plants at different light intensities in order to measure the rate of photosynthesis. An experiment was conducted to test the rate of photosynthesis by monitoring the CO uptake by a corn leaf, the C4 plant and a sunflower plant, which is the C3 plant. The amount of CO 2 in a closed chamber will decrease if photosynthesis is occurring. Therefore, the CO2 levels were monitored in an airtight flow-through system. Where the initial CO2 measurement was known. The faster the rate of photosynthesis, the faster the level of CO 2 will drop in the chamber. For C4 type plants the light saturation point is higher and the light compensation point is lower than for C3 plants. Both of these characteristics relate to the ability of C4 plants possess to increase the amount of CO 2 available to the Calvin-Benson cycle. Pep carboxylase in c4 plant mesophyll cells fixes CO2 to supply to the Calvin Cycle in the bundle sheath cell. This enzyme, unlike Rubisco in c3 plants, does not require 02 to fix the carbon. This allows C4 plants to work more efficiently under hot and dry conditions, when the plants need to close their stomata. The C4 pathway will allow plants to operate at a higher photosynthetic rate than C3 plants at ambient CO2. Since photosynthesis in C4 plants runs more efficiently than in C3 plants when concentrations of CO 2 are low, it was hypothesized that C4 plants would have a higher photosynthetic rate than C3 plants
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BISC207 Lab9 - Soham Gandhi Laboratory #9...

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