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assignment number 1 - Elisabeth Hauser Assignment Number 1...

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Elisabeth Hauser Assignment Number 1 HDFS 269 March 19, 2008 “Color Me Butterfly” Color Me Butterfly is a step by step story through the lives of five generations of women that were domestically abused by various individuals throughout their lives and their courageous story through everything that they went through. The story is set in my home town of Philadelphia, so it brings home a lot of different feelings. The family’s turmoil’s begin with the start of the family, these two are named Eloise and Isaac and they have nine children together. Unfortunately this family of eleven is stuffed into a house that is described as almost not being suitable for three people. As time progresses, Isaac begins to resent Eloise and their nine children and in the book, is it described that it eventually turns to hatred. Isaac eventually is never at home with the family and the abuse towards his children and Eloise grows dramatically, through it all Eloise stays for her children. Eventually one of their children, by the name of Mattie takes a stand for herself and vows to never let a man touch her the way that her father did. Unfortunately she met a man named Roy, fell for him and became pregnant even before she was finished high school. Ultimately Roy becomes another Isaac and Mattie stays with Roy for her children, just as her mother had done. Finally Lydia, the author of the book and daughter of Mattie, goes down the same trajectory that her mother and grandmother both traveled down. She meets a man, even
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though she knows to stay away from this type of man and has a daughter named Treasure. Regardless of her knowing what type of man to stay away from, she still stays
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assignment number 1 - Elisabeth Hauser Assignment Number 1...

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