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notes for feb 21

notes for feb 21 - re-read words complete unit by...

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PSYC 135 February 21 st , 2008 Page 1 of 1 Administrative Issues Office hours Tuesday and Thursday 2-3 and by appointment Students with testing accommodations must contact me review testing procedures Try not to bring anything, but your pencil and your id, all other stuff will be left outside of the room Helpful Test tips Covers Chapters 1,2,11,12 part 8, there are 52 multiple choice questions, 8 history questions, 10 research, 8 language, 8 each cognitive and social development, 10 motivations and emotions, you should have plenty of time- can come with Sarah for extra time after class. Study concepts not memorize and there are applied questions, really understand the definitions Language Compromised of symbols and grammar( rules of combining symbols), phonemes( sounds), morphemes( smallest unit that conveys a meaning, example of this to
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Unformatted text preview: re-read), words( complete unit by themselves, many morphemes), grammar/ syntax, semantics( meaning of the language) Cognitive Revolution • Information- Processing application favored now applied to infant cognitive development, habituation, dishabitutation, memory, and language Clip: babbling, baby repeat syllables over and over again, long as a baby knows it, shows the hard of hearing babies vs. hearing babies Chomsky • Deep Structure of language, surface characteristics like sounds and how to combine words, cant explain how language works, how language is organized and stored in the brain goes beyond surface level Development of Language • Nature- Language Acquisition Device( Chomsky), Critical Period(Lenneberg), 18 months to puberty and wild child genie. Nurture- conditioning, imitation....
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