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notes for march 25th

notes for march 25th - PSYC 135 March 25th 2008 Page 1 of 2...

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PSYC 135 March 25 th , 2008 Page 1 of 2 Anxiety, Dissociative & Mood Disorders What is anxiety? - increase in your heart rate, sweaty palms, you find yourself in a high arousal state, and you overestimate the danger that could possibly occur( phobia) Normal Anxiety - somatic, cognitive, and behavioral reactions, facilitates functioning in easy, skilled tasks, inhibits functioning in complex and unskilled tasks Clinical Anxiety - too much= causes of distress and impairment, social phobia- fear of interacting with others Disorders - when anxiety becomes intense, long- lasting and disruptive Panic Disorder- - intense, burst of anxiety in a dangerous situation, sometimes with no clear participate, 30% of Americans usually quite short, start to avoid the situations Generalized Anxiety Disorder - relatively all the time, free- floating varies, worries about the future, themselves, relationships, not linked to any particular object, there is always a high level of arousal Phobias- -
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