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Practice questions for the first exam Psych 135 --- Spring 2008 1. Nathan works at a homeless shelter. The people who come into the shelter are usually tired and hungry after spending days at a time on the dangerous streets. Most of these people have lost touch with their friends and family members and receive little indication of being loved or needed. According to Maslow’s hierarchy, Nathan should FIRST a) Try to boost their self esteem by treating them as respected and honorable individuals b) Reassure them of the safety and security features of the building c) Express love for and acceptance of them d) Provide them with a hot meal and a warm place to sleep 2. If you have words and a set of rules for using those words, you have everything you need for a) Syntax b) A learning acquisition device c) Semantics d) A language 3. Leroy, a thirty-five-year-old man, is trying to decide whether to write a book about his life experiences for his children to read, or spend his time working to be top salesman of the year. According to Erik Erikson, Leroy is experiencing the _______________ psychosocial crisis. a) Identity vs. role confusion b) Generativity vs. stagnation c) Ego integrity vs. despair d) Industry vs. inferiority 4. One criticism of Piaget’s theory is that a) With training, children can understand concepts earlier than he theorized. b) The cutoff point for the stages are more rigid than the theorized c) He focused too much on the unconscious d) He used too many subjects 5. At the trial, the _____________ psychologist testified that the defendant fit the profile for the crime committed. a) Biological b) Forensic c) Social d) Experimental 6. Dr. Abdul wants his research findings to be representative of the students at State U, so makes sure that every student has an equal chance of being a subject before actually selecting his _____________ sample. a) Random b) Biased c) Operational d) Confounding
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7. Terrence has just climbed all 354 steps to reach the crown of the Statue of Liberty. When he reaches the top, he meets Rose who has climbed the steps just a few paces ahead of Terrence. They immediately decide they love one another.
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Test+1+review+sp+08 - Practice questions for the first exam...

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