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Summury from argument - wind power and have increased the...

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JunHa Kim ESOL 103B Summary one article from argument essay According to the article “Wind energy” from Environmental Encyclopedia, by David E, from Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center, it mentions development process of wind energy from past to present and prospect of wind energy. The article firstly explain the process that how the wind is made and how people have used the wind. Although people have used the wind though windmills for a long time, as wind energy in As other sources of power such as fossil fuels and nuclear power became to use easily available, the number of windmills were decreased until the late 1970s. However, after the 1973 oil embargo and the three mile island nuclear disaster in1979, wind power was being raised as an alternative energy source. Additionally, as a result of changing economic conditions and technological advances, wind power became an increasingly popular energy source. These developments lead to reduce the cost of
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Unformatted text preview: wind power, and have increased the efficiency and endurance of wind farms. The author also refer to some problems of wind farms. The most obvious problem is that wind farms need to special place to build and storage of energy. Another problem is wind farm destroy the landscape. In addition, noise and death of birds are also problems of wind farms. However, the author forecasts wind power will become increasingly important as concerns increase over global warming and the pollution caused by the burning of fossil fuels. In conclusion, wind energy have been used useful resource for human. Although wind energy has some problems, wind energy will be become important alternative resource, because wind energy is a solution to overcome global warming and pollution caused by the burning of fossil fuels....
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