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HHS 231 Fall 2007 Outline for Week 4, Lecture 2 “Protein, Vegetarianism, and Popular Diets What Are Proteins? Proteins: large complex molecules composed of amino acids Essential amino acids: cannot by produced by human body Nonessential amino acids: can be produced by human body Proteins are the main source of…nitrogen Proteins in the Diet Complete protein: contain enough of all 9 essential amino acids Considered a “high quality” protein Incomplete protein: does not contain all essential amino acids Not sufficient for growth and health Considered a “low quality” protein
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Unformatted text preview: Complementary proteins: two protein sources that together make a complete protein Example: beans and rice Eating complementary proteins together is known as mutual supplementation Why Do We Need to Eat Proteins? The role of proteins includes: contributing tocell growth, repair, and maintenance Important for recovery from resistance training acting asenzymes and hormones helping maintainfluid, electrolyte and pH balance in some cases, serving asenergy source This is not a primary function Excess protein is eventually stored as fat What a bummer, huh?...
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