Outline Week 6, Lecture 1 [F '07]

Outline Week 6, Lecture 1 [F '07] - HHS 231 Fall 2007...

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HHS 231 Fall 2007 Outline for Week 6, Lecture 1 “Why does Gatorade exist?” - Eating for Performance Sports Foods What are Sports Foods? Any beverage or food designed to improve performance Advantages may include… Fast, Convenient and available Disadvantages may include… Taste? Cost? Replacing regular eating patterns? Goals of Fueling for Exercise Fatigue during exercise is… linked with glycogen depletion How can you avoid glycogen depletion? Before exercise : Maximize glycogen stores During exercise : Protect glycogen stores After exercise : Maximize glycogen synthesis and storage Sports Foods and Pre-Exercise Why drinks, not food? Drinks are… absorbed into the body quicker Allowing for … faster access to energy and nutrients Fueling before exercise is generally…not crucial Do so when…glycogen stores are already low! 20 – 40 grams of carbohydrate 1-2 hours before starting {Did you get any free food today?}
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Sports Drinks During Exercise Why??? 1.
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Outline Week 6, Lecture 1 [F '07] - HHS 231 Fall 2007...

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