Outline Week 7, Lecture 2 [F '07]-2

Outline Week 7, Lecture 2 [F '07]-2 - HHS 231 Fall 2007...

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HHS 231 Fall 2007 Outline for Week 7, Lecture 2 “Do you Have a Sugar Daddy? The Obesity Epidemic Physiological, Health, and Social Perspectives The Role of Insulin Type 1 vs. Type 2 Diabetes What can I do to prevent diabetes? The Obesity “Epidemic” Epidemic : a noun meaning…a rapid spread or increase in occurrence Currently, it is estimated that obesity causes…between 112,000 and 365,000 deaths yearly Why so big of a range? In 1960, the rate of obesity was ___13% _____, compared to _____31% ____ today 1. This represents… about 92 million Americans 2. This represents a rise of…0.4%, or about 1 million people per year 3. 2,740 *Impress some people with those stats at your next social function!!! * Did you get to participate in today’s activity? Diabetes = A disease in which…the body does not produce or does not properly use insulin The exact cause is still unknown both genetic and external factors play a role in its development Represents a major CVD health risk ________13 million ____ Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes
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Diabetes: The Role of Insulin Insulin A peptide hormone… produced in the pancreas After each meal, cells in the pancreas… release insulin into the bloodstream Insulin facilitates the transport of glucose and other nutrients… out of the blood
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Outline Week 7, Lecture 2 [F '07]-2 - HHS 231 Fall 2007...

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