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Outline Week 7, Lecture 1 [F '07]

Outline Week 7, Lecture 1 [F '07] - HHS 231 Fall 2007...

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HHS 231 Fall 2007 Outline for Week 7, Lecture 1 (Part 1) What’s Weight Got to Do With It?” Evaluating Body Weight Determining a person’s healthful body weight should include methods to… 1. Measure body composition 2. Determine their body mass index (BMI) and, 3. Assess the pattern of fat distribution * Remember, you should take into account all 3 of these factors! Body Composition Body Composition Relative proportion of lean body mass to adipose mass Can be measured by: underwater weighing skinfold measurements bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) Bod Pod ® Evaluating Body Composition … what do the numbers mean? Body Fat Body Fat %: proportion of a person’s body mass that is adipose tissue Overweight: having a moderate amount of excess body fat Obesity: having an excess of body fat that adversely affects health Morbid obesity: body weight exceeding 100% of normal, creating a very high risk for serious health complications Evaluating Body Weight & Height … what do the numbers mean? Body Mass Index BMI: Based on the idea that a person… should be height/weight proportional Underweight – BMI… less than 18.5 “Normal Weight” – BMI… between 18.5 and 24.9
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Overweight – BMI… between 25 and 29.9 Obesity – BMI… from 30 to 39.9 Obesity is further subdivided into Obesity I, II, and III Body Fat Distribution Patterns … draw a picture!!! Apple Pattern: Increased risk for chronic diseases Pear Pattern: No problems here! * which one is associated with chronic diseases and why? Apples Genetic Contributions to Body Weight Genetic factors account for… about 25% of a person’s body fat. Different ideas have been suggested to explain the impact of genetics on body fat.
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Outline Week 7, Lecture 1 [F '07] - HHS 231 Fall 2007...

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