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Outline Week 8, Lecture 1 [F '07]

Outline Week 8, Lecture 1 [F '07] - HHS 231 Fall 2007...

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HHS 231 Fall 2007 Outline for Week 8, Lecture 1 Deadly Diseases I: Cardiovascular Disease Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Cardiovascular disease A general term encompassing many diseases of the heart & blood vessels CVD is the #1 leading cause of death in the united states Forms of CVD Coronary heart disease Problems with blood vessels of the heart Peripheral vascular disease Problems with systemic blood vessels Congenital heart disease Structural defects and arrhythmias in newborns Rheumatic heart disease Inflammation of the heart muscle Mechanisms of CVD Blood vessel health High Blood Pressure Heart works harder forcing blood through arteries, straining heart & arteries Atherosclerosis The formation of lipid-filled fibrous plaques on the inner surface of coronary arteries Blood health & Blood clots In coronary artery = heart attack In brain = stroke
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Heart health Congestive heart disease the heart loses its ability to pump out all blood that returns to it, resulting in accumulation of blood in the veins * Is your heart beating faster now that we are talking about it? Formation of Atherosclerosis – 4 steps… Trauma to wall of artery Invasion of site by immune system
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Outline Week 8, Lecture 1 [F '07] - HHS 231 Fall 2007...

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