Revised Mini-case Assignment

Revised Mini-case Assignment - Revised Group Project...

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Revised Group Project Instructions Marketing 300 Section 03 Winter 07 The primary goal of the project is to give you a chance to apply what you are learning in class to a marketing problem faced by a real organization. For the project, you will select a problem, analyze the current marketing strategy using The Big Picture framework and then develop a new strategy that you will present to the class. The final presentation will consist of five main parts: Presentation 1. Describe the current Big Picture - Big Picture framework completely filled in describing the company/brand’s current strategy - Quotes from news articles, company reports, or industry reports that you used to determine the current Big Picture (with appropriate citations) - Examples of current advertisements or marketing materials - Current B2B2B2B analysis (with appropriate citations) 2. Analyze potential segmentation strategies using competitive plot(s). 3. Identify what you think is “wrong” with the current Big Picture, i.e. the impediment. - Arguments that you find in support of your proposal in news articles or analysts’ reports may also be included (with appropriate citations) 4. Propose a new strategy for your company/brand/organization and support your proposal based on the logic and arguments you will have learned in class. - Big Picture framework completely filled in describing your proposed strategy - Arguments in support of your proposal, based on your leanings from the class - A revised B2B2B2B that (hopefully) shows how your strategy is more likely to achieve the company/brand/organization’s goals. 5. Answer questions from your classmates. The presentation should last 20 minutes, with 10 minutes for questions. You may do the Q&A at then end or integrate it into the presentation. You will be graded not only on the quality of your analysis, but also on how well you engage your classmates, so have fun with it! I will stop the presentation after 30 minutes, so please manage your time well. A template for the final presentation along with several examples is available on the cTools site.
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Revised Mini-case Assignment - Revised Group Project...

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