c109f03f - CSE 109 Final Examination Thursday 11 December...

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CSE 109 Final Examination Thursday 11 December 2003 7-10 PM >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SUGGESTED ANSWERS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 1. Write an LSAsm program that reads in three integers and then displays a 1 if the sum of the squares of the first two numbers is the square of the third number. Otherwise it displays a 0. Recall some of the BNF for LSAsm programs: <arith>::= { ADD | SUB | MULT | DIV } <reg>,<reg>,<reg> <if>::= [IF {LT | LE | EQ | NEQ | GT | GE } ] GOTO <label> <motion>::= { {LOAD | STORE | READ} { <label> | <reg> } } | WRITE <exp> | MOV <exp>, <label> <exp>::= <term> [ {+|-} <term> ]* <term>::= <factor> [ {*|/} <factor> ]* <factor>::= ( <exp> ) | <label> | <reg> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> READ R2 READ R3 READ R4 MOV R2*R2+R3*R3-R4*R4,X LOAD X IF EQ GOTO EQUAL WRITE R0-R0 HALT EQUAL WRITE ONE HALT X 0 ONE 1 END <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 2. Given the classes and program below, state the output of the program when it is executed. #include <fstream.h> class A {public: A(){x=0;} int one(){return two() + three();} virtual int two(){return x+42;} int three(){return x+17;} int x; }; class B:public A { public: B(){x=5;} int two(){return x+109;} int three(){return x+111;} }; int main() { A a; B b; cout<<a.one()<<" "<<a.two()<<" "<<a.three()<<endl; cout<<b.one()<<" "<<b.two()<<" "<<b.three()<<endl; cout<<b.A::two()<<" "<<b.A::three()<<endl; } >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 59 42 17 136 114 116 47 22 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 3. Assume that class Lex has a single public method called next(), that Lex is a lexical analyzer that uses cin for input, and that on each call to next() one of the integer constants A, B, C, D, E, EOLN, or JUNK is returned. Assume that only the default constructor, Lex(), is defined for Lex and that EOLN is returned when the end of the line is encountered. Write a class Parser that has a method parse() which returns true if and only if the
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contents of the current line of text in cin obeys the syntax of <one> defined by the BNF statements: <one>::=
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c109f03f - CSE 109 Final Examination Thursday 11 December...

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