EXAM 1 Key - EXAM 1 BIO266R (B) Name: _ UTEID: _ Whiteley...

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EXAM 1 BIO266R (B) Whiteley Name: ____________________________ UTEID: ___________________________ 1. What two sugars are involved in peptidoglycan synthesis? (2.5 points) N-acetyl-glucosamine, N-acetyl-muramic acid 2. We discussed that high salt stops growth of many bacteria. Give two reasons why. (5 points) 1. Decreases water activity, effectively drying them out 2. Decreases the turgor pressure inside the cell. 3. Describe the bacterial cytoplasm. (2.5 points) Intracellular milieu within bounded by the plasma membrane which contains DNA, Machinery for macromolecular synthesis. Highly viscous, about 10 times less than water. 4. Describe the plasma membrane in regards to: (5 points) a. Composition a. composed of a phospholipid bilayer approximately 8 nm thick. Dry weight is approximately 50-70% protein . b. Permeability a. permeable to small hydrophobic molecules. 5. Give two reasons why the plasma membrane must be protected. (5 points) 1. High osmotic pressure inside the cell 2. Plasma membranes are easily disrupted by amphipathic molecules (detergents).
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6. E. coli must maintain its intracellular pH around _____ 7.6 to 7.8 _____ (must be within 0.3 pH units to be correct). (2.5 points) 7. You are a research biologist searching for new antimicrobials. You have identified a
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EXAM 1 Key - EXAM 1 BIO266R (B) Name: _ UTEID: _ Whiteley...

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