Exam 2-Form A_Key

Exam 2-Form A_Key - BIO226R Exam 2A Whiteley Name UTEID...

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Name: ______________________________ Discussion time:___________ UTEID: _____________________________ 1. How do fermentative organisms generate a proton motive force (5 points)? Membrane potential is generated by using ATP to pump protons out of the cell, essentially running F 0 F 1 ATP synthase in the reverse direction. 2. Why do fermentative organisms not use a complete TCA cycle (5 points)? Using a complete TCA cycle would generate excess NADH which must be reoxidized, but the TCA cycle is necessary for generating precursor metabolites. By running an incomplete TCA cycle (often running the reactions in the reverse) fermentative organism can generate precursors without generating NADHs. 3. Describe what fermentation is and list two challenges of fermentation (4 points). What is the net ATP yield from fermentative metabolism of glucose to lactate (1 point)? Fermentation is when electrons produced by the oxidation of an organic substrate are used to reduce a second organic molecule. The second organic arises from oxidation of the first organic molecule. Challenges are: Must consume large amounts of substrate to grow b/c of low ATP production, Must reoxidize NADH Yield is 2 ATP 4. Complete oxidation of glucose in aerobic respiration yields a maximum net output (theoretically) of _38__ ATPs (4 points). Will accept 34-38. 5. In the following reaction the: HOOC-CH 2 -CH 2 -COOH (substrate) + FAD -> HOOC-CH=CH-COOH + FADH 2 Is the substrate oxidized or reduced (2 points)? Oxidized
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Exam 2-Form A_Key - BIO226R Exam 2A Whiteley Name UTEID...

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