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(A) Name: ______ KEY ______________ Discussion time: ____________ UT EID:___________________ 1. Name three types of RNA and describe their functions. (6 points) tRNA- transfer RNA. Involved in translation. Functions to carry correct amino acid to ribosome by codon/anticodon pariing. mRNA – messenger RNA. Synthesized by RNAP and provides template for protein synthesis. rRNA – ribosomal RNA. Component of 30S and 50S ribosome. Important for locating translational start and responsible for peptide bond formation between during protein synthesis. 2. ___ _DNA Polymerase I ___________ replaces the RNA primers of Okazaki fragments with DNA. (4 points) 3. During replication ____ Single strand binding protein _____ binds single stranded DNA and prevents renaturation and secondary structure formation. (4 points) 4. The ______ sigma factor_ _______ is part of the RNA polymerase holoenzyme and is responsible for promoter identification and initiation of transcription. (4 points) 5. Describe the roles for each of the following components in DNA replication. (8 points) a. DnaG primase – Makes approximately 10 bp RNA (must have for full credit) primer to initiate leading strains and Okazaki fragment elongation. b. DNA polymerase III – Catalyzes elongation of DNA strand during replication. c. DNA polymerase I – Fills in Okazaki fragment gaps and removes RNA primers. d. DNA ligase – Covalently links (through phosphodiester bond formation) adjacent DNA strands. Seals ssDNA and dsDNA breaks. 6.
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Whiteley Exam 3_KEY - Whiteley Exam 3 BIO226R(A Name_KEY UT...

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