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Exam 5 A_Key - BIO 226R Whiteley Exam 5A Name_Key...

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BIO 226R Whiteley Exam 5A Name: ____________ Key_ ____________ Discussion Time:______________ Multiple Choice/Fill in the blank/True-False (3 points each) 1. ____ In two-component regulatory systems a signal is relayed to the regulator protein by ____. A. phosphorylation. B. adenylylation. C. autoinducer. D. a peptide. 2. ___ Bacterial quorum sensing system use ___ to determine cell density. A. cell-cell contact B. acylated homoserine lactones (AHLs) C. luminescence D. phosphorylated homocysteine 3. ____ From 16S rRNA analysis we have learned that ____. 4. ____ Biofilms are 5. ____ The RNA-dependent RNA polymerase found in influenza virus which produces a + strand from the - strand influenza virus genome is called
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