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menus - JMenuItem fileExitItem = new...

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1 Menus Menus A frame contains a menu bar The menu bar contains menus A menu contains submenus and menu items Menus Figure 7: Pull-Down Menus Menu Bars Menu bars contain menus JMenuBar menuBar = new JMenuBar(); frame. setJMenuBar(menuBar); Menus A menu contains submenus and menu items You can add menus to menu bars or other menus JMenu fileMenu = new JMenu( "File" ); menuBar.add(fileMenu); JMenu recentDocumentsMenu = new JMenu(“Recent Documents”); fileMenu.add(recentDocumentsMenu); Menu Items Add menu items and submenus with the add method: A menu item has no further submenus Menu items generate action events
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Unformatted text preview: JMenuItem fileExitItem = new JMenuItem("Exit"); fileMenu.add(fileExitItem); 2 Menu Items • Add a listener to each menu item: • Add action listeners only to menu items, not to menus or the menu bar fileExitItem.addActionListener(listener); A Sample Program • Builds up a small but typical menu • Traps action events from menu items • To keep program readable, use a separate method for each menu or set of related menus – createFaceItem : creates menu item to change the font face – createSizeItem – createStyleItem...
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