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ADV 304 Advertising on the Internet Unique # 05250 Name: Date: 4-25-08 Guest Speaker: Jane Baxter-Lynn Company / Affiliation: JBL Strategies Synopsis: Jane Baxter-Lynn was born in southern Africa to British parents. She went to school in South Africa and later moved to and worked in France. Here she learned French and made many connections in her field. After her job in France, she also worked in Brussels, London, Chicago, and now in Austin. She discussed that there is not a clear definition of “pure advertising” and the differences above the line or paid media vs. below the line or unpaid media. She also talked about the importance of knowing the differences in culture and foreign equivalents to degree ect. when applying and interviewing for jobs overseas. She discussed her job working for the World Travel and Tourism Council, and emphasized the idea that networking is key to a successful career. She also said that people like being asked for their advice and that we should be building
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Unformatted text preview: our “board of directors. “ Keywords (10 – 15) : Pure Advertising, above the line, below the line, world travel and tourism council, “board of directors,” networking, Paris, Chicago, London, Brussels Website Review: http://www.jblprstrategies.com/ The site’s home page has a brief synopsis of the company and contact information for Jane Baxter-Lynn, It also has links to sample projects, references, experience, and services offered. The color scheme is all blue and white which looks very professional. Likes / Dislikes : Jane Baxter-Lynn seemed like a very interesting woman and it was fun hearing about her different jobs and travels around the world. It was also nice of her to announce that she was in need of a summer intern. She seemed pretty nervous presenting to the class though. Rating (1 – 10, with 10 being excellent) :8...
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