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ADV 304 Advertising on the Internet Unique # 05250 Name: Date:4-9-08 Guest Speaker: Jeff Dachis Company / Affiliation: Bond Art Science Synopsis: Jeff Dachis has been working in the online/digital industry since the early 1990’s. He and a partner started the company Razorfish and grew it from being something that was just profitable to keep going into an international business that was making hundreds of millions of dollars a year. They did this by presenting the idea that “Everything that can be online, will be.” With this mantra, they were able to convince businesses that in order to stay competitive in the business world, they must include a digital format as well. Razorfish was also the first company to realize how to, and use animation on a web site. This first animation was a blue ball that would bounce up and down. Razorfish, along with the entire online industry, took a huge hit in the early 2000’s when the digital “bubble” burst. At this time Jeff left Razorfish and spent some time away from the industry as he was taking a lot of personal attacks and criticism from the media. He
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