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ADV 304 Advertising on the Internet Unique # 05250 Name: Date: 3-31-08 Guest Speaker: Gene Kincaid Company / Affiliation: UT Advertising Department Synopsis: Gene Kincaid is a senior lecturer at the university of Texas, and is developing the adgrad website. This is a social networking site that is designed to allow students from ut’s advertising department to keep in contact with each other after they graduate. The site also functions as a way for alumni to share job offers and other advertising related information. When developing the site, Gene’s research found that many UT students have a Facebook account, so the adgrad site was designed to look similar to that format. One of the key differences between the adgrad site and other social networking sites is that adgrad has an “authenticated audience.” This refers to the need to have a UT eid in
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Unformatted text preview: order to log in. This gives users a greater feeling of trust with the site and less concerns over privacy issues. Adgrad is designed to focus on the “long tail” part of the advertising alumni. Keywords (10 – 15) : Web 2.0, AdGrad, Long tail, Authenticated Audience, Intranet, Social Media, User generated, Privacy, Facebook, Myspace, Monster Website Review: The web site looks very similar to facebook. It uses UT colors, so it’s easy to identify as being used by the university. Unlike facebook, it has sections to upload a resume, and look at or post job offers. Likes / Dislikes : The site seems interesting and useful for students. Gene’s lecture style seemed a little unorganized and boring at times. Rating (1 – 10, with 10 being excellent) :6...
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