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ADV 304 Advertising on the Internet Unique # 05250 Name: Date: 2-22-08 Guest Speaker: Assaf Avni Company / Affiliation: Department of Advertising, UT Austin Synopsis: Assaf Avni is a PhD candidate in the advertizing department at UT Austin. He teaches a course based on the creativity segment of advertising. He began his lecture by asking the question “Is everyone creative?” He went on to add that everyone is creative in their own way. He also gave the example of Thomas Edison, who did very poorly in school, but went on to become one of the most prolific inventors of all time. Next he discussed the Edison turnstile, SETI, and the self charging notebook, and stated that they were all creative because they took an idea and applied it to a new use. He said that this was a key part in developing a creative advertising campaign as well, and showed several slides depicting advertisements that did this. He then gave a definition of creativity as
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Unformatted text preview: being “The generation of ideas that are both novel and useful for solving problems.” He then discussed the different jobs in the creative department. Those being, creative directory, copy writer, art director, and production artist. He discussed the “creative brief” as being the first step in the creative department. Next, he divided the class in to different sections and had each one brainstorm ideas on how to attract a person in a bar using five words or less, and gave some funny examples of past answers. Keywords (10 – 15) : Thomas Edison, SETI, Compaq self charging notebook, Edison turnstile, art director, copywriter, production artist, creative brief, creative, Assaf Avni, Marvin Gaye Website Review: None Likes / Dislikes : Assaf gave the best presentation yet. He kept the class interested and was very funny and informative. Rating (1 – 10, with 10 being excellent) : 10...
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